The UNESCO Creative Cities Conference of Fabriano will not be limited to hotels and conference centres but will take place in the beautiful city itself. This will be possible thanks to a significant urban intervention.

On this occasion and with the aim to experience new ways of living in the city and its beautiful surroundings the Seven Pavilions of Creativity will be set up.

Each pavilion will represent a creative category of the network and will be located in a specific area of Fabriano that is emblematic of the creative development of the town. The pavilions will represent the beautiful and unique features of cities belonging to the seven categories of the network.

This will be done through images, products, and multimedia contents.
Renowned designers and professionals, selected through competitions for ideas and national projects, will be in charge of the set-up of all pavilions. Other Italian cities of the network, according to their own category, will work with each other to enhance the objectives of the pavilions through international cooperative projects.


The pavilions will be set up to foster participation, relationship-building and delegate meetings with economic operators and relevant stakeholders.

The Coordination of Italian UNESCO Creative Cities will support Pavillions through thematic calls, involving creatives all over the world in designing works of art, projects and initiatives, installations to be shown in the Pavillions of Creativity.

Pavillions will also host materials stories and projects from the different Creative Cities, thanks to the seven Clusters.

The Pavillions of Creativity (Crafts and Folk Arts, Design, Music, Gastronomy, Film, Literature) will open to the public on June 10, 11.00 A.M.

The RINASCO Pavillion will open to the public on June 10, 06.00 P.M.


Daily schedule of Pavilions, June 16-30 2019


Craft & Folk Art: located in Fabriano’s Paper and Watermark Museum, a space that preserves the tradition of paper in the city which dates back to the 14th century. It also shows the tradition of watermarking, the artistic trademark of ancient medieval merchants.

Discover more on the Craft & Folk Art Pavilion

Design: located in Le Conce complex, the medieval industrial area of the city. It is now the location of the Fhub, a space for co-working and innovation.

Discover more on the Design Pavilion

Music: located in the second wing of Le Conce in a space which has been renovated thanks to the support of the CARIFAC Foundation. It will host exhibitions, cultural and artistic events.

Discover more on the Music Pavilion

Gastronomy: located in the historic covered market, once home to numerous blacksmiths and situated meters from the river Janus.

Discover more on the Gastronomy Pavilion

Film: located in the Montini Cinema and in the nearby “Gentile” cultural circle. On this occasion, the Montini Cinema – the town’s historic screening room – will be reopened.

Discover more on the Film Pavilion

Literature: located in the Multimedia Library ‘Romualdo Sassi’, this is a comprehensive cultural centre located in the old monastery.

Discover more on the Literature Pavilion

Media Arts: located in the town squares, installations from the city of Enghien-les-Bains, host of the 2017 Annual Meeting, will transform the ancient palaces of Fabriano, while materials from the Media Arts Creative Cities will be hosted in the medieval “Oratorio della Carità”.


A special pavilion conceived by UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Francesca Merloni will be set up in the Podestà Palace, the location of the medieval government.

This pavilion will be dedicated to cities that have recovered from devastating natural disasters or violence perpetrated by mankind, before springing back to life thanks to innovation, culture, knowledge and creativity.

Many meetings and public events with representatives of the various cities will take place here. This will be an occasion to present projects created by the Aristide Merloni Foundation for the rebirth of the Apennines after the earthquake in 2016.


A Wonderful Journey is the pavilion entirely dedicated to paper, conceived and created by Fondazione Fedrigoni Fabriano and Fabriano Paper Mills for 13th UNESCO Creative Cities Conference, in the ‘Complesso Storico delle Cartiere Miliani Fabriano’, which will extraordinarily open the doors to the public, thus inviting visitors to experience a unique journey discovering  its treasures.

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