The Creative Cities Network is a UNESCO programme launched in 2004, comprised of 180 cities from 72 countries all around the world.

The aim of the Network is to promote knowledge, cooperation and projects among cities that consider culture and creativity as essential drivers of their development. Working together, sharing experiences, opinions and best practices, launching initiatives, and enhancing our intangible cultural heritage are the key goals of the Network.

Thanks to this network, which is structured into seven areas that correspond with different cultural sectorsMusic, Literature, Crafts & Folk Art, Design, Media Arts, Gastronomy, and Film participating cities can enhance their experience, their potential and increase the presence of their products and cultural operations in both national and international markets.

Fabriano has been part of the UCCN since 2013.

In 2017, Maria Francesca Merloni, Focal Point of Fabriano UNESCO Creative City, was nominated as UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for Creative Cities.

More informations on its Creative City activities and projects are avaible on the website www.fabrianocreativa.it.

More informations on the activities and projects of the Unesco Creative Cities Network are available on the website https://en.unesco.org/creative-cities/home.


Italian cities which are members of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network are:

UNESCO National Italian Commission

The Italian UNESCO Creative Cities and the Annual Conference enjoy the support of the
Italian National Commission for UNESCO, which has worked to enhance the promotion,
connection, information, consultation and implementation of UNESCO programmes in Italy
since 1950.

More information on the Commission can be found on the following website http://www.unesco.it/it


The preparation of the 2019 UNESCO Annual Conference to be held in Fabriano in 2019 begun in the summer of 2017 when the city of Fabriano was chosen by UNESCO Creative Cities.

In June 2018, during meetings held in Cracow and Katowice, the city of Fabriano was officially designated as host city for the Meeting of Creative Cities in 2019.

The 2019 UNESCO Creative Cities Conference is jointly organized by UNESCO and the City of Fabriano.

In the run-up to the conference Fabriano’s citizen were involved in the process thanks to a wide array of initiatives.

The progress of the project has been presented to the city in the Step I and Step II events.

The Italian Coordination Committee for UNESCO Creative Cities will contribute to the organisation of the conference by with seven themed calls for projects. These are aimed at involving creative talent from all over the world in the creation of works of art, projects and initiatives, artistic installations and exhibitions to be shown in the Pavilions of Creativity.

At the same time as preparations for the conference, the requests of a group of artisan-entrepreneurs – those who have already set up their own company or who are running a start-up company – have been collected with the aim of collaborating with experts to guide them in the main business processes and to help them analyse their activity.

The project was launched during the Step II event, and involves 12 craftsmen and entrepreneurs, ranging from paper craft to silk, from ICT to food, from theatre to jewellery.

Communities of creative talents in the City of Fabriano will give their contributions to the preparation of the annual conference by organising ‘the months of creativity’, promoting events and activities dedicated to the UCCN clusters -cinema, design, media-arts, gastronomy, music, literature.

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