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Fabriano is a town of painters, blacksmiths and paper masters, well-known all over the world for its long history of paper production which is a distinctive feature of the town. Creation and transformation are key factors in this town of artisans, blacksmiths, potters, wool merchants, tanners and, above all, paper masters. Today, the city is aiming to become a creative centre while preserving its century-old traditions.

Fabriano is a town in the Marche region, in the province of Ancona. Villages have developed around the historical medieval centre, which is the heart of the town and where the original fortifications are found. The river Janus flows through the town and has played a crucial role in the economic and social development of Fabriano, in particular for the paper industry and artisans’ workshops.





Marche are a region in central Italy, with a great wealth of stories, landscapes and artistic and natural treasures. Marche are rich in hills and mountains, but also face the sea, and they are filled with towns, castles and monasteries, small and big towns, with a strong artistic and cultural heritage and entrepreneurial attitudes.

Many internationally renown artists and scholars can trace their roots to the Marche region: among them, Gentile da Fabriano, Raffaello Sanzio, Padre Matteo Ricci, Gioachino Rossini, Giacomo Leopardi, Maria Montessori.

The Marche region hosts two UNESCO Creative Cities, Fabriano and Pesaro, and a UNESCO World Heritage site, Urbino.

The whole region will be involved in the Unesco Creative Cities Conference project, through the Great Bear Cities project (“Le Città dell’Orsa”).

To learn more about the Marche region, visit https://www.turismo.marche.it

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