The ‘Ursa Major Cities’ project is an initiative that expands and completes the UNESCO Annual Conference, by sharing its positive impact in terms of the promotion of culture, enhancement of territory, opportunities for b2b networking, inside an extended metropolitan area covering the entire region.

A wonderful challenge, which goes out of Fabriano as the host city of the UCCN Conference: the Ursa Major Cities project was born from an idea by Francesca Merloni, a joint cultural project connecting cities of the Marche region under a sign inspired by the Ursa Major star.

Cities that participate in this project, and that will be visited on June 11, are Ancona (Film), Ascoli Piceno (Design), Fermo (Crafts), Macerata (Media Arts), Pesaro (UNESCO Creative City of Music), Recanati (birth place of Giacomo Leopardi, Literature), and Senigallia (Gastronomy).

On June 16, delegates will also visit Urbino, UNESCO World Heritage.

After their arrival in the Ursa Major Cities, the UNESCO delegates will start their day with a meeting, followed by debates and activities organised by the cities with creative people, companies and cultural entities of the region, all aimed at encouraging synergies and shared projects.

At the end of the day there will be a spectacular event encompassing the art and culture sectors which will take place in the theatres and squares of all the Ursa Major Cities. Events will be filmed and shared in real time so that there will be a dialogue between them thanks to perfect logistic organisation and state-of-the-art technology.

An event dedicated to ‘Marche Region of Creativity’ (Marche della Creatività): an opportunity to promote culture, enhancement of territory, opportunities for b2b networking, inside an extended metropolitan area covering the entire region.

The UNESCO delegations consist of mayors, focal points, and at least one delegate from the artistic, cultural or entrepreneurial sector, with whom it could be useful to start networking activities aimed at the creation of projects and cultural initiatives.

At the end of the Conference workings, delegates will visit Urbino, UNESCO World Heritage site.

Program of Ancona

11.00 UNESCO delegates’ arrival at Mole Vanvitelliana, Sala Boxe and welcome address from local authorities.
11.30 Cluster meeting for delegates.
13.30 Light lunch for delegates at Stamura restaurant, navy club of Mole Vanvitelliana
15.30 Bus transfer and guided visit to Ancona.
18.30 Transfer to Auditorium della Mole and presentation of Marche Film Commission and of a selection of videos from Fondazione Marche Cultura.
19.00 Mole, Foyer – dinner for delegates.
20.15 Mole, Corte – Spettacolo della Fisorchestra – open event.
21.30 Transfer to Fabriano

Program of Ascoli Piceno

11.30 UNESCO Delegates’ arrival – welcome meeting with local authorities at Palazzo comunale.
12.00 Visit to the Pinacoteca (Exhibition “Design Made in Marche” / with SAAD and ADI Marche) and visit to the city centre.
13.30 lunch for delegates, Palazzo dei Capitani.
14.30 Transfer to Polo Sant’Angelo Magno.
15.00 Cluster meeting for delegates.
17.00 Visit to the design exhibition for the 25 years of SAAD
17.30 Lecture on design teaching in Italy.
19.00 Transfer to Piazza del Popolo.
20.00 Event dinner for delegates (Terrazza caffè Meletti).
20.15 Piazza del Popolo, open event, Compagnia dei folli, “Cecco di Stelle di Sfere e di luce”.
21.30 Transfer to Fabriano

Program of Fermo

11.00 UNESCO delegates’ arrival at Auditorium San Filippo, Corso Cavour, and welcome address from local authorities.
11.15 Cluster meeting for delegates.
13.45 Bus transfer to litorale fermano.
14.00 Light lunch for delegates at Hotel Royal, transfer to Fermo’s city centre.
16.00/16.30 Guided visit to the city
18.30 Piazza del Popolo , exhibition of artists from the “Cavalcata dell’Assunta”.
19.00 Light dinner for delegates at Sala Rollina del Teatro dell’Aquila.
20.15 Enzo Avitabile & i Bottari – open exhibition and concert at Teatro dell’Aquila.
21.30 Transfer to Fabriano.

Program of Macerata

11.00 UNESCO delegates’ arrival in Macerata and transfer to Palazzo Buonaccorsi , welcome address from local authorities.
11.15 Cluster meeting for delegates.
12.45 Visit to Museo di Palazzo Buonaccorsi.
13.30 Transfer and Light lunch  to Arena Sferisterio.
15.00-18.30 City Tour and stakeholder meetings: Creahub (Playmarche and University of Macerata: presentation of “Macerata creativa” project and multimedia content of Sferisterio summer program); II° Auditorium Svoboda (Academy of Arts); III° Confucius Institute; IV° visit to the historical rooms of Biblioteca Mozzi Borgetti.
19.00 Dinner for delegates
20.15 Open event at Palazzo Buonaccorsi: “Imagine Opera” (“Carmen” and “Rigoletto”, Salvadei Brass with “Aida”, video mapping by Luca Agnani ).
21.30 Transfer to Fabriano.

Program of Pesaro

11,30 UNESCO delegates’ arrival in Pesaro, welcome address from the Mayor, visit to Musei Civici and cluster meeting.
13.30 Lunch for delegates at Gra, Palazzo Gradari
15.30 Visit to Teatro Rossini, short introduction to the theatre and presentation of “Sonosfera” by David Monacchi; exhibition of “Orchestra Virtuale e cantante reale”.
17,30 Opening of museo Rossini – visit for delegates by Sistema Museo.
19.30 Light dinner for delegates at HARNOLD’S, Piazza Lazzarini 33.
20.15 BARBIERE SMART, open event in Piazza del Popolo.
21.30 Transfer to Fabriano

Program of Recanati

11.00 UNESCO delegates’ arrival, welcome address from the Mayor, visit to palazzo Comunale.
11.15 Transfer to Palazzo Leopardi.
12.15 Visit to Palazzo Leopardi, Biblioteca and other exhibitions.
13.30 Light lunch for delegates at Cantine Leopardi , by “Andreina” restaurant.
15.00 Cluster meeting at Istituto Studi leopardiani.
17.00 Visit to Istituto Leopardi and “reading leopardiano”.
19.00 Transfer to Teatro, light dinner at foyer del teatro.
20.00 Transfer to Teatro , open event “Evolution Dance Teather, La magia della luce”, coreographies of Antony Heinl.
21.30 Transfer to Fabriano.

Program of Senigallia

10.30/11.00 UNESCO delegates’ arrival, welcome address from the Mayor, cluster meeting (Video images from Lorenzo Cicconi Massi) – Sala Conferenze Palazzetto Baviera.
13.00 Lunch for delegates.
15.30 Visit to the photo exhibition on Summer Jamboree and Stucchi del Brandani – Palazzetto Baviera.
16.15 Visit to Piazza del Duca.
16.30 Visit to Rocca Roveresca.
17.15  Exhibition on the history of Senigallia by Estetica dell’Effimero – Terrazzo Rocca Roveresca
18.00 Wine tasting from local cantines and Associazione Nazionale Cuochi – Terrazzo Rocca Roveresca.
19:00 Light dinner for delegates by Istituto Panzini – Rotonda a Mare.
20:15 “Concerto divertente di Carlone” by Banda Osiris, open event, boradcasted to Fabriano’s square- Rotonda a Mare, special guests Mauro Uliassi and Moreno Cedroni.
21:30 Transfer to Fabriano.

Program of Fabriano

20.15: Teatro Gentile, “Il grande canto dell’Orsa”, with Neri Marcorè: songs and stories for the Ursa Major cities; Francesca Merloni, Canto dell’Orsa;

Live broadcast with images of the Ursa Major cities; free entrance, the theatre will open at 19.15 (07.15 P.M.).

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