Call of Turin UNESCO City of Design for Fabriano 2019

Call of Turin UNESCO City of Design for Fabriano 2019

Turin city of Design

In 2019, Fabriano will welcome the delegates of 180 cities in the world, coming from 72 countries, for the UNESCO Creative Cities Conference (UCCN).

Turin, Unesco creative city for design, in order to accompany the preparation of the Annual Conference 2019 in Fabriano, has decided to launch an international call for an exchange of projects on the issue of accessibility, involving UNESCO Creative Cities of Design.

The Call addresses the Ideal City as an Accessible City concept, in its different articulations: economic, cultural and social, sensory, cognitive, and physical-perceptual.

Projects must be submitted along with pictures and or videos to within the April 19th , 2019 deadline.

Cities who wish to participate should submit a project for a service, place or product which improves one or more aspects of the life of its inhabitants in terms of cultural, economic, social, sensory, cognitive, physical-perceptual accessibility, developed in business, policy, education, communication domains.

The cultural aspects of the projects must be emphasized: collaborative projects involving more cities are encouraged, along with local projects that the City may wish to share with potential Creative Cities partners.

The projects will be showcased in a display for the Design Pavilion and will be incorporated into the Design Cities activity report to the network during the Annual Conference. The projects will also be shared in the form of an interactive workshop.