FABRIANO PAPER PAVILION: Fondazione Fedrigoni Fabriano for UNESCO

FABRIANO PAPER PAVILION: Fondazione Fedrigoni Fabriano for UNESCO

Fedrigoni Fabriano Foundation (ISTOCARTA) and Fabriano Paper Mills present FABRIANO PAPER PAVILION – A Wonderful Journey, the series of events held in the Historical Complex of the Miliani Paper Mills of Fabriano, during the UNESCO Creative Cities Conference (Fabriano 10-15 June 2019).

Fedrigoni Fabriano Foundation (ISTOCARTA) together with Fabriano Paper Mills, during the 13th UNESCO Creative Cities Conference, present FABRIANO PAPER PAVILION – A Wonderful Journey, a series of events realized in the Historical Complex of the Miliani Paper Mills of Fabriano.

The environments that have been the heart of Fabriano Paper Mill itself are transformed into an itinerary that describes the world of paper and its history, inviting the public to participate through a series of initiatives, exhibitions and workshops.

A Wonderful Journey is a poetic journey, curated by Umberto Giovannini, which takes shape within the historical heritage of the paper mills thanks to the iconographic constructions of the artists Gianna Bentivenga and Maria Pina Bentivenga and the sets, lights and shadows of Anusc Castiglioni.


Fabriano preserves a unique heritage in the world: the hundreds of shapes and canvases used for the production of watermarked paper, whose beauty and evocative power is equal to the magnificence that is felt when you travel the exterminated environments that host them. For over seven hundred years there has been a profound relationship between the purity of a newly made sheet of paper and the physical density that represents its history. From the porosity of rags and fibers, to limestone and water, from the migration of materials and knowledge, to the effort of manual labor, from craftsmanship to social identity.

These are peculiarities that merge and spread through entire generations that have brought a value, even before a product, all over the world, structuring the life of entire communities that have contributed to the formation of a real ideal city.

The Historical Complex of the Cartiere Miliani di Fabriano is a unique testimony of these emotions and stories that can be relived in A Wonderful Journey.

Exclusively for the Creative Cities will be opened, thanks to a program of guided tours, the Historical Complex of the Cartiere Miliani of Fabriano, where the public will be able to immerse themselves in a unique experience, between the spaces of the Historical Archives and the Cartari Deposit of Historical Heritage.

During the days of the meeting will also reopen the spaces of the Fabriano Club House that will host exhibitions of artist’s books, engraving and drawing, along with the workshop “The Ideal City” conducted by Nick Morley and Umberto Giovannini. A space will also be dedicated to typography with machines, typefaces and ink scent, where an original graphic will be printed live, accompanied by typographic texts, which can be donated to the participants of the guided tours in the Historical Cartiere Complex.



Fedrigoni Fabriano Foundation (ISTOCARTA) was founded in Fabriano in 2011 by Fedrigoni S.p.a with the aim of contributing to the promotion of studies on the history of paper, of filigranology and related disciplines and to support the development and dissemination of paper science. The non-profit foundation is committed to protecting the historical, archaeological and archival heritage of the paper industry and the tradition of mediaeval techniques for papermaking, through publication and dissemination of research results aimed at enriching paper historiography, organization of conferences and seminars in collaboration with universities, academies, museums, libraries, public and private historical archives.

The foundation also carries out museum activities for the conservation and enhancement of archival and library assets, archaeological finds and historical heritage of the Fabriano Cartiere Miliani Cartiere owned by Fedrigoni S.p.A. The foundation, commissioned by Fedrigoni S.p.a., protects and manages the heritage inherited from the Cartiere Miliani Fabriano which includes archival goods and libraries belonging to the Archive of Fabriano Miliani Paper Mills.

The Archive of the Fabriano Miliani Paper Mills, the first company archive in Italy, collects all the documents relating to the activity of the paper mill starting from the foundation by Pietro Miliani in 1782 together with the collection of over 1500 watermarks, 1,200 historical photographs, testimony of paper society and culture since 1871, and a library of over 3,000 volumes dedicated to the history of paper.

Alongside the archival and book heritage, over 2,000 m2 of Historical Paper Goods, instruments and machinery including a system of multiple-link hydraulic stacks of the late 1700s, the screw press of 1706 together with 793 cylindrical canvases for production of the machine paper in round, 269 cuttings of ancient cylindrical canvases, 3 creative drums for the production of paper in the round, over 6.000 punches in wood, bronze and copper and 2,295 forms for the production of the paper by hand.

Since 2016, the Archive also includes the collection of the 2,213 “old Fabriano cards” collected by the philologist Augusto Zonghi and dated from 1267 to 1798. The collection is combined with the collection of watermarks from the Archive of the Cartiere Miliani, constituting the Corpus Chartarum Fabriano (CCF).

From September 2018 the presidency of Fabriano Fedrigoni Foundation is entrusted to Chiara Medioli, vice president of the Fedrigoni Group. www.istocarta.it

A Wonderful Journey

Events realized in the Historical Complex of the Fabriano Miliani Paper Mills

Curated by Umberto Giovannini with graphic works and installations by Gianna Bentivenga and Maria Pina Bentivenga sets, lights and shadows by Anusc Castiglioni

The project is organized by:
Fedrigoni Fabriano Foundation – ISTOCARTA (istocarta.it)
Fabriano (fabriano.com)


Bookings currently sold-out: the Paper Pavillion will open again in the coming months. For information, check the website of Fondazione Fedrigoni Fabriano (istocarta.it)