Pavillions of Creativity: Music

Pavillions of Creativity: Music

The most important event organized periodically by the UNESCO Creative Cities Network, which identified culture and creativity as strategic factors for sustainable urban development, is the UNESCO Creative Cities Conference, which this year will be held from 10 to 15 June in Fabriano.

The UNESCO Secretariat and about 500 guests between delegates, institutions and personalities from the world of art and culture, will gather to launch a debate at the highest levels on the future of cities in the 21st century.

There will be many cultural events, reflections, seminars and opportunities for meeting and discussion that will transform the Marche city into a large open-air laboratory on creativity: all this thanks to the design of the 8 creative pavilions that will rise in the heart of the historical center of the city, and that will be set up in such a way for give the opportunities to increase participation, relations and meetings between delegates, economic operators and stakeholders.

Music Pavilion: housed in the second wing of Complesso delle Conce, in a space recovered by the Fondazione CARIFAC for exhibitions, artistic and cultural events. The project idea is the result of the commitment of the Bologna-based studio Diversighe srl, which decided to choose three cornerstones for the construction of the pavilion: Space-Time, Matter and Harmony. Starting from these three cues, the main area of ​​the Conce will host three environments (Room of Space-Time, Room of Matter and Room of Harmony) consisting of different materials that will have the task, once crossed, to create an experiential path also emphasized by a special background music.

For the occasion it will be possible to attend the pilot edition of the UNESCO Cities of Music Festival, the new format proposed by Bologna and Pesaro for the Fabriano Annual Conference, with the aim of selecting interesting and significant realities for the music scene, with no limits on genre, origin and mixture of styles.